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Eddie Cauldwell is The Sheriff. His daughter Molly Cauldwell is kidnapped. After she's rescued, she can take care of herself.

When you first arrive in Boomtown the Sheriff is the first local resident you encounter. He will guide the player through the first few tutorial-style missions and remains available throughout the game to hand out random advice when the player clicks him. Like Scarlet Chambers and Woodhouse , the Sheriff continues to pop up as a mission provider, directing the player to their next task.

The Sheriff is also the character who is displayed alongside the message that pops up when the infamous 'connection error ' message is displayed, which reads 'Darn! Connection error! Sorry partner, it seems bandits are shooting the network connection! Click to reload Gangs of Boomtown!'

On the Digital Chocolate Gangs of Boomtown forums, The Sheriff is the main moderator, offering updates and occasionally conversing with players.


The Sheriff is an older man, somewhat yellow-bellied, often sending the player off on missions that should be down to him as sheriff of Boomtown. He tends to put this down to his age or his (allegedly) bad knee. Within the game, The Sheriff fills much the same role as the cowardly Rob in one of Digital Chocolate's other games, Zombie Lane.

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