Local troublemakers are residents of your Boomtown. They can be defeated without the use of weapons and each one defeated contributes to the Boomtown Brawler achievement.

Local troublemakers wander at random anywhere in your town, carrying a broken bottle and sounding drunk. When you approach them they will utter slurred phrases including 'I'm walkin' here!' and once defeated they say 'what the heck?' 'you got me, buddy,' or 'you're tougher than you look!'

There are usually three or four local troublemakers in your Boomtown and they will eventually respawn once you have beaten them up.


In order to complete a certain mission, Scarlet will tell you you need to build and complete a jail to house the local troublemakers. Later, as part of the Taking Out the Trash mission, the player must subdue twenty-five local troubblemakers. who, according to Scarlet, have all broken out of this jail. After beating up ten troublemakers, we will be asked "Hic... hey... hey... Whatchoo think you're doin'? Is... Is thish real life...? Hic..." This is the first time we get to see a local troublemaker close up.

Requirements and RewardsEdit

It costs 1 energy to beat up a local troublemaker and you will be rewarded with 2 coins and 1 experience. Like other enemies, they also drop certainitems randomly.

There is also an achievement, Boomtown Brawler, that requires the player to beat up certain numbers of troublemakers.

Level Number of Troublemakers Reward
Bronze 25 50 coins
Silver 75 150 coins
Gold 150 300 coins
Platinum 2 gold

Local's adviceEdit

The Friendly Cowgirl and Cowboy who give advice in Boomtown will say to you, "These troublemakers are causing so much... erm... TROUBLE! Can you get 'em in line?" If you reply with "Yes", s/he will say "Thanks, friend. They're roaming around town, you'll find them easy enough." If you say "No", s/he will respond, "Well don't say I didn't warn you, partner!"

The Sheriff also has some advice. He will ask you, "Have you met the local troublemakers yet?" If you replay "No", he will tell you that "They pass through now and again. A couple of slaps will sort them out." If you tell him, "Yes", he'll say, "I hope you gave 'em what for. No need to use guns with those young rascals."

Scarlet suggests building a jail to hold the troublemakers you subdue (setting you off on a mission), but once this build is complete, she also asks that you not keep them there for too long, as they're "some of my best clients... ah... friends."


"That's it bub"
"What the heck!"
"I'm walkin' here!"
"You're tougher than y'look"

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