The Ghost Town is Gangs of Boomtown's exclusive area for PvP (Player Versus Player). It serves a high ground for duels to be carried out between players. However, Duels require ammo shots which is located in the upper, central left corner of the screen.

Ghost Town has been on a major update since the very first week of March. Here, Players, playing Gangs of Boomtown, from around the world are found standing next to trodden building like structures such as the church, trodden tavern, old shed, etc. These structures are also available to collect rent. "Ghost Town" icon is found on the very right side corner of the screen above the population limit display.

Players, in the Ghost Town are always stacked randomly. Every new visit to the Ghost Town, new players will be found which will be different from players found initially. However, there are chances that a player or two would remain the same. As a matter a fact, this is expected to change in the coming updates by the developers and programmers of Gangs of Boomtown.

Players found in Ghost Town have their difficulty mentioned above. This is so as to assist players, dueling or engaging into a PvP battle, to interpret the outcome of battle. After the energy unit bar of the player runs out, there is a very pop-up bar that directs players to Ghost Town for PvP inorder to obtain energy units provided they win.

Ghost Town can be reached by heading north from Hefe's Hangout. It's the main location for duelling and also contains several buildings from which rent can be collected.