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Energy is necessary to perform any action within the game. Most actions cost 1 energy, but this will re-accumulate over time. On levelling up, energy will be completely replenished, regardless of how much the player had before levelling up.


When in combat, any direct hit from an enemy will cost the player 1 energy. However, in addition to coins and experience, most enemies reward players with at least 1 energy once defeated. When duelling in Ghost Town, which does not cost any energy, any fight won will yield 1 energy.

Adding EnergyEdit

A player's energy meter will refill over time. If left alone, 1 energy will be added every five minutes, but if a player is actively using energy as it is added, energy will be added three minutes faster for each point. Rather than coins, the Saloon gives out 1 energy as rent every 24 hours (plus the 1 energy it takes to collect it).

Additionally, energy can be collected as part of a reward for completing certain achievements. For example, the Desperado's Demise achievement rewards the player with high amounts of energy for killing x number of bandits, and the Trader Afoot achievement is similarly generous to players who purchase specified numbers of customisation items using coins.

The maximum energy a player may accumulate cannot be increased without spending real money. An additional 1 energy can be added to a player's meter by purchasing the '+1 to Max Energy' pack from the shop, but this costs 29 gold (which translates to between two and three dollars).

Energy can also be bought for gold from the shop.

Pack Name Cost (gold) Amount of Energy
Starter Pack 99 5 medium energy packs (plus other items)
Small Energy Pack 5 3
Medium Energy Pack 10 10
Large Energy Pack 19 25
+1 to Max Energy 29 +1 to maximum energy level