Gangs of Boomtown is notorious for its hunt for the Boomtown Assassins. The quest for the first assassin begins with an issue regarding the kidnapping of the Sheriff's daughter.

All of the Assassins belong to a particular gang called the Assassin's Gang. In this Group, there are ten assassins:

  1. El Diablo
  2. Angel
  3. Black Death
  4. Dr. Niyan
  5. El Loco
  6. Kitty Malone
  7. Raven
  8. The Undead
  9. One-eyed Rooster
  10. Harley

They are ranked in terms of power and when you face them in the game, from strongest to weakest. The player starts by facing #10 and works their way up to facing #1.

The Game proceeds further with these assassins taken from HARLEY, who is present in your boomtown at the intial stages of the game itself. After the first Assassin takedown, Assassin HARLEY, you will have to advance certain levels to unlock missions related to the other assassins.


After killing an assassin to death, they are found in the cemetery where you can pay homage and obtain rewards for your deeds. These rewards can be obtained at a particular time limit.

The last four assassin's graves:

  • HARLEY's Grave
  • ONE - EYED ROOSTER's Grave
  • THE UNDEAD's Grave
  • RAVEN's Grave

have the replenishment time to pay homage and obtain rewards in hours, namely 24 hours (a day).

After KITTY MALONE's Grave, the replenishment time to pay homage and to obtain rewards exceeds longer.

EL DIABLO's Grave, The Grave of the fastest and the deadliest Assassin, has the replenishing time to pay homage and to obtain rewards, set to longer period of days.

The rewards obtained too differs from Graves of the Assassins. The Last four assassins' grave drops considerably - silver coins, experience points and common item or energy unit. The Assassin further high, drops items of special value depending on their chain of succession.

Moreover, The Items dropped by assassins indulges the purpose for upgrading the Guns of Boomtown Building. By this, the improvement of weapons can be bought.